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Simplify Trust and Estate Administration

                                                  Serve as Agent for Trust Estate and Probate Estate Administration

When a Grantor of a Revocable Living Trust dies, there is a procedure called “trust estate administration” that needs to be followed through by the Successor Trustee named in the trust agreement. This process is similar to a probate estate administration without the court deadlines and can be very time consuming. Why not consider hiring an Agent to guide you through this process?

Settling a loved one’s estate under their Will is called Probate Estate Administration and filled with many technicalities. Hiring an Agent who has had many years of experience in settling estates to work with the court appointed Personal Representative makes sense. An Agent is well versed in the Florida Statutes relating to estate administration that change from time to time.

An Agent can advise and monitor the activities of the successor trustee or personal representative or in many cases, the Agent will actually perform the necessary steps needed to settle the estate under the direction of the successor trustee or personal representative. For example;

  • Making sure all assets are inventoried and valued  
  • Determining benefits available to surviving spouse or other beneficiaries  
  • Filing for life insurance or pension benefits
  • Staying on tract with court deadlines and court reports
  • Determining final debts of decedent and procedure used for payment
  • Collecting information for final income tax return of decedent
  • Working with accountant to prepare 706 Estate Tax Return, if required
  • Working with investment advisor to ensure assets are allocated properly during the estate administration period
  • Preparing schedule of distribution for beneficiaries that follow the estate administration period
  • Monitoring the actual distribution of assets and notification to beneficiaries